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Termite Information.

Termites can be extremely destructive to your property. Our Termite information pages contain everything you need to know about Termites including the first signs of Termites and frequently asked question about Termites.


First Signs Of Termites

Early detection of Termites is vital in protecting your assets. There are many common signs of Termite infestation. Learn More about the first signs
Termites here >

Termite nest

Getting Rid of Termites

Termites are commonly known, especially in Australia, as “white ants,” they are not closely related to the ants. Learn More about Termites here >

Termites Faqs

Termite Faqs

Knockout Pest Control by Rentokil answer some frequently asked questions about termites. Read Termite FAQs  here >

Home Termite Services

Termite Services

Knockout Pest Control by Rentokil are renowned experts in a broad range of termite services & termite solutions. Learn more about Knockout Pest Control by Rentokil Termite Services here >

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